Good Bye Island Paradise.

This weekend was my penultimate weekend in Australia. Monday morning I woke up on Orpheus Island, after three solid days of adventures. You can read about my previous days on the island at these pervious blog posts.




Sailing away from Pioneer bay.

Zuzu is researching sea sponges. In the background is Hichinbrook.

Sugar Jetty.

The drive to Lucinda is lined with sugar cane fields. On the left is a small train hauling cane.

LUCINDA SUGAR JETTY (from Wanderers website)

Lucinda is also home to the world’s largest bulk sugar loading jetty, which is 5.76km long. The jetty enables Lucinda to receive the largest ships used in the raw sugar trade. Adjacent to this amazing structure is a small service jetty, popular with anglers who don’t have their own boat.

Built in 1979 the jetty was designed to withstand cyclones and to follow the curvature of the earth, by dipping two meters from the initial horizon over its length. A single conveyor belt runs the entire length of the jetty and back, enabling sugar to travel from the storage sheds on land to ships berthed out at sea in about 25 minutes. Almost 600 tonnes of sugar can be carried by the conveyor belt at any one time. Vessels can load cargoes of up to 25,000 tonnes of raw sugar in less than a day. The berth is capable of accepting vessels with a total carrying capacity of up to 50,000 tonnes. Sugar is supplied to the Lucinda terminal by Victoria and Macknade mills, and the three storage sheds have a total capacity of 231,000 tonnes of raw sugar.


That is a lot of sugar.

2 Responses to “Good Bye Island Paradise.”
  1. emma says:

    Looks like I have a lot of beautiful photos to go back and look through. Crazy cool exciting wild beautiful amazing is how I would describe that fantastic scenery! Cute little train, too:)

    • Mr. Chopp says:

      Emma, Thanks for checking back in. The locals said the cane crush was on and to watch for trains. (they moved so slow sometimes people walk along side) They were cute.

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