Rainy day nutrient analysis protocol

The last couple days have been overcast, and rainy. This is not typical weather for Townsville in winter. It is usually between 70-75 and sunny. My experiment is going well. I am allowing my experiment time to grow and the culture to become dense so I can analyze the nutrients consumed by the growing micro algae, and measure how much and what kinds of pigments and fatty acids are in the species I am culturing.

Today I learned how to perform nutrient analysis measurement protocol. My teacher is finishing her undergraduate degree at the Uni and was a great teacher I will call her “Alaska.”

The first steps for performing a nutrient analysis is to take the micro algal culture and vortex then centrifuge.

Then remove the supernatant. This is the media we will use to test for nitrate, nitrite, and phosphate.

Here is a simplified diagram I made of how Nitrate, Nitrate, and Ammonium are taken up in an algae.

I will be using the nutrient assays to monitor the growth of my two species of micro algae for two weeks before I analyze to see how much biomass, and lipids the algae produce in the time frame of my experiment.

2 Responses to “Rainy day nutrient analysis protocol”
  1. pteamey says:

    Wow Chris this is great!!! Wonderful diagram.

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