Pizza Capers

Country Pumpkin: Marinated Angus steak, bacon, Spanish onions, pumpkin, capsicum, pizza sauce, camembert & mozzarella.

I missed lunch at the Uni because I went to the park for some circuit training. I really like the exercise circuits around many of the parks in Townsville. I ventured into town and had an amazing pizza. It was the highlight of my day.

4 Responses to “Pizza Capers”
  1. Jeremiah Aaron Boswell says:

    That pizza looks a lot like one of my mom’s homemade pizzas (its homemade except for the pre-shaped millet crust)!

    • Mr. Chopp says:

      Jeremiah, I don’t know if I have ever had a pizza with millet crust. Does your mom usually put pumpkin on her pizza? This was the first pie I have tasted that had pumpkin. It was tasty.

  2. I’ve never had pumpkin on any pizza, will have to try!

    P.S. Just figured out I could log in with FB *facepalm*

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