Flora and fauna around JCU

Today I took a hike around James Cook University and up to the Douglas mountain bike reserve. The goal of my hike was to notice the world around me so I could share it with you. I saw beautiful red paper petaled Hibiscus with long pronounced stamen. I saw one of Australia’s largest butterflies the Cairns birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion). I saw a black snake slither across the mountain bike trail which signaled that it was high time for me to head back to campus. From the top of the hike I could see the peak of Douglas Mountain shrouded with radio towers, and in the distance to the north and east I could see Castle Hill, the city of Townsville and the Coral Sea.

Paper bark Tea Tree. Invasive species in USA.

Look up. really interesting bark and fronds. Not sure what type of tree this is.

Male Cairnes Birdwing.

The Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion) is a species of birdwing butterfly endemic to northeastern Australia, and is Australia’s largest endemic butterfly species.

Enjoy the gallery of pictures from today’s hike.

EDIT: Hibiscus also makes an amazing donut topping. 

6 Responses to “Flora and fauna around JCU”
  1. Kim says:

    Hibiscus makes a great donut topping too! Mmm.

  2. Just beautiful. Wonderful images.

  3. Raoul says:

    I love the juxtaposition between the images; how the first is a photograph of the entire scenery, then followed by close-ups, and how the first few are of flora followed by a few of fauna.

    Really shows that nature is beautiful at all magnifications!

    • Mr. Chopp says:

      Raoul, it has been really beautiful here. I hope I can share the microphotography with you guys. The cyanobacteria that have fluorescence are really amazing.

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