Studying all manner of science

I now have a bike to use for my time in Townsville. I am borrowing it from an engineer in the cyclone testing facility. It has really expanded my horizons and opened up new possibilities to explore. Last night I biked into Townsville, and had dinner there. The place was packed and rugby was on every TV screen. Biking around Townsville is quite convenient, and there are many paths along the Ross river, and bike lanes along many streets. I have dim lights on the front and back, and they help a little when coming to and from the city at night. (I just have to remember to stick to the left when a speedy oncoming biker is passing at night) It is about 10k from JCU to the city center. On the way home we rounded a bend an there was a dingo running across the bike path. Thankfully only one and not an entire pack.

Today I ventured into the city again on an invite from someone in my lab to the Righteous Brewers of Townsville’s monthly meeting. It was great to enjoy the afternoon with a group of individuals pondering the finer points of fermentation, yeast, hops, barely and malt. It is amazing how much science goes into adjusting temperature, pH, inputs such as type of sugar, yeast, hops, let alone quantities of all the the for mentioned ingredients.

The Heatley Warriors Soccer Clubhouse where the homebrew club meets once a month.

Smoked Stout at the Righteous Brewers of Townsville homebrew meeting.

While biking home I saw a small possum on the side of the trail. It was cute and cuddly (nothing like the opossums we have back in the states) I really love biking in a new city. You take in the sights, smells, sounds in different and unique ways.

2 Responses to “Studying all manner of science”
  1. Dignal says:

    FUN! Long lost brother brewer meister is going to be very intrigued when he sees this! He’ll also have a few comments about how lucky you are to be in God’s favorite spot in the whole world!

    • Mr. Chopp says:

      It has been an amazing experience. Show Micah the pictures of the beetle I took pictures of in dangerous encounters post. I thought that was really cool!

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