Welcome to Australia

It has been a long couple of days of travel. I left Detroit Metro Airport Friday night at 5:50pm. I was a bit disappointed that United Air charges $200.00 each way to check my bike to Australia. Quantas (the airline for the second half of my journey) only charges $25.00 each way. So after lugging the awkward bike box down to luggage check-in I checked my backpack, and returned my bike to my car.

I arrived in Australia early Sunday morning. Not early enough though, and I missed my domestic connection from Brisbane to Townsville which prolonged the trip a little further.

Paige met me at the airport and we took a cab to the Uni (University). I unpacked, took a shower, and then went for a walk around campus settling in next to the rugby match. These guys are tough! I meet the people in my lab tomorrow, and I will bring my camera with me to document what I see and experience.

Today I saw my first kookaburra. While getting my bearings around campus. Not to anthropomorphize too much but it looked cuddly, and at the same time mischievous. It was almost sizing me up.

My first thought was wow, this a pretty bird like nothing I have ever seen. Then Paige told me her story about how she was eating a piece of pizza outside, and a kookaburra swooped down, looked her in the eye and flew off with her entire piece of pizza. I will be watching for you kookaburra. You will not get my pizza!

Upon arriving at JCU Paige gave me some fruit. I will leave you today with a small fruit lesson. I will follow up with a report on the taste in a later blog post.

I will give you feed back on how they taste. I loved the satsuma and the star fruit!

10 Responses to “Welcome to Australia”
  1. Amy says:

    I ate the tiny bananas every day with tea in Uganda! They’re so yummy! How do you get into the rambutan? Miss you!

  2. Andy says:

    Tiny Bananas!!!

  3. Kim says:

    I love Chopp travel blogs, especially when the photos are labeled so clearly. How did you do that?

  4. Lois Howard says:

    Hi Chris
    Bird is beautiful and fruit looks interesting
    Have had technical difficulty so playing catch up
    Look forward to my cane toad report:)
    Best to you!

  5. love your photos and the fascinating fruit! Have never seen the rambutan or black sapote — but can’t wait to hear how they taste!

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